Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is there a Silicon Ceiling?

Computer World UK has a story on a Gartner survey that says Chief Information Officers are dismissed as techies without business savvy by CEOs

What's more, is the CEOs are mostly right. However, they are right in a very CEO kind of way.  The real hitters in organizations know that techies have a tremendous amount of power, but they typically are not educated to trade-on or use it effectively.

Techies can be discredited easily in political environments for this lack of savvy,  because geeks just don't understand the process-oriented view as a weakness or disadvantage. Tech people trade on skills and information, moreso than alliances and relationships, and in turn they do not value strategic advantage in the same way.

From the perspective of a CEO, she cannot rely on her technical people not to give the game away. The tech business is full of internally consistent logic, and it creates massive blind spots for the dynamic alliances and strategies that comprise how business actually works. Geeks may feel like they are a Lamborghini in a crowded shopping mall parking lot, and I'm sure it's great to be a Lamborghini, but who wins the day in business is the one who gets out unscathed and lives to race another day.

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